Megan Carfino

Board Director


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Owner of Mustelid Madness Rescue
Board Director
Mink, Ferrets, Animal Rescue

Megan Carfino is the founder and operator of Mustelid Madness Rescue in Sheridan, Wyoming. This small sanctuary focuses on the unique care of mustelids—a family of mammals that includes ferrets, minks, and weasels—and offers educational programs on various topics regarding wild and captive mustelids, responsible exotic pet ownership, and fostering peaceful coexistence with local wildlife.

From a young age, Carfino nurtured an intense fascination and unconditional love for animals and wildlife, dedicating herself to learning about countless species and their ecosystems. Her specific interest in mustelids was sparked in 2015 by a tiny ferret kit named “Jack”. This life-altering encounter sent her on a journey into the world of mustelids where she would meet the conservationists who rediscovered the black-footed ferret and the ferrets themselves, participate in a local wolverine research effort, and eventually work with displaced American mink.

Carfino’s professional journey with these animals took a significant turn in November 2018 when she obtained her license to work with mink displaced from fur farms. This milestone was marked by her adoption of “Nicolas the Mink”, a domestic mink from Utah’s fur farming industry. With Carfino’s help, Nicolas became an emblematic figure, highlighting the plight of domestic mink and the harsh realities of the fur farming industry. Through her advocacy and Nico’s story, Carfino has become a respected voice in mink rescue, earning recognition from media outlets like “The Dodo” and “All Animals Magazine”.

In 2020, as controversial debates about mink fur farming intensified due to the pandemic, Carfino decided to formally found Mustelid Madness Rescue. She had her current state licensing expanded to enable the rescue to accommodate more mink displaced from fur farms, as well as pet ferrets from within the local community.

Carfino currently provides a lifelong home for three rescued fur farm mink and is actively developing the educational outreach of MMR. Looking to the future, she is dedicated to growing the sanctuary to serve more displaced mink, ensuring they receive the care and protection they deserve, as well as expanding free educational content and programs.