Debbie Pappas

Licensed Wildlife Rehabber


Role at RMMR:

Area of Expertise:

Owner & Rehabber at Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation
Consultant & Mentor
Wildlife Rehabilitation, Biochemistry

Debbie Souza-Pappas is the heart and soul of Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation, a sanctuary she founded in Price, UT, where she passionately serves as the executive director. She has nurtured a diverse range of wildlife, from beavers, porcupines, minks, and squirrels, to chipmunks, rabbits, raptors, and songbirds. Her ability to connect with and care for these animals is nothing short of inspiring.

Debbie inherited her love for animals from her grandmother, who fostered this, by constantly reading animal related books to her. While she started her working career as a medical laboratory technician, and worked in several laboratories across the Salt Lake area, her heart was drawn to the animals. This medical background provided her with a unique perspective and set of skills that she finally brought into her work with animals.

In 1994, Debbie began an apprenticeship with another experienced wildlife rehabilitator, gaining hands-on knowledge of wildlife care. She was the first rehabilitator in Utah, at the time, that had to undergo and pass a rigorous testing process, conducted by the state, to qualify as a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Her dedication and commitment to learning the intricacies of proper wildlife rehabilitation helped her ace this test. Armed with her permits and license, she realized her dream of opening her own nonprofit wildlife rehabilitation center.